Our Story

Since being established in 2017, TRUE HU$TLER ENT, LLC. has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. We work in every aspect of modern entertainment and fashion. We have singers, rappers, song writers, producers, engineers, and models on our roster. The goal is the change the perception of what it really means to be a hustler. We want to remove the negative cogitation of the word with our music, content, art, and clothing. TRUE HU$TLER ENT, LLC is not just a brand, its a lifestyle.


True Hus·tler

tro͞o ˈhəslər/

A Hustler is complicated. To be a true hustler you have to be true to the complications of life. The ups and downs and the ins and outs. A lot of people  think being a hustler means you sell drugs, maybe. You can’t forget about the men and women that wake up every morning to provide for their family with a 9-5, or the dreamers who don’t stop at anything chasing their dream trying to use what society gave them to make a way out poverty and welfare. Even the people born with it all want to make a way of their own. They want to step out of their parents footsteps and pave their own way to success..that’s a hustler. The music you hear from us is coming from hustlers, the clothing we provide is the shield every hustler needs day in and day out to endure life and the haters that come with it. The content we create all come from a very real place that only a hustler can understand. A Hustler is complicated.